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Off Topic Posts / They did nothing when America was burning
« Last post by smallengineshop on Today at 06:18:59 PM »
Politicians didn't do a thing when BLM and Antifa were rioting after a known criminal and drug addict, George Floyd, overdosed on fentanyl. Even Donald Trump didn't do anything to stop it. Businesses were burned to the ground, stores were looted of everything, innocent people were killed and hurt because of it. Now some Americans are protesting Israel's treatment of Palestinian's in Gaza, and the same politicians are calling it hate, and actually arresting people for antisemitism. Florida governor, Ron Desantis, and South Dakota governor, Kristi Noem, actually signed into law legislation punishing people accused of antisemitism.

You can't arrest or punish people in America for their beliefs whether you agree with them or not.

The actions of politicians really put things into perspective as to who they're willing to serve and who is in charge. America is being invaded by the World, and these politicians won't do anything to stop it, oh, but they can arrest Americans for having 'wrong' thoughts. How does anything happening today make any sense when viewed outside the scope of: America is controlled by foreign interests?

A 1982 Honda XL250R is used in the movie, Firstborn, released in 1984, and starring Chris Gartin, Teri Garr, Peter Weller, Sarah Jessica Parker, Core Haim and Robert Downey Jr. The motorcycle is owned and ridden by the character Adam, played by Chris Gartin.

The 1982 Honda XL250R is a dual sport motorcycle designed for on and off road use. It's powered by a 248cc single cylinder, four stroke, gas powered engine, and power is transferred to the rear wheel through a wet clutch, 6 speed manual transmission and chain final drive. Rear suspension travel is 8.5 inches, and front suspension travel is 7.5 inches. The bike weighs 285 pounds with half a tank of gasoline. Gas tank capacity is 2.4 gallons. Retail price for this motorcycle was only $1698 in 1982.

The 1982 Honda XL250R belongs to a family of Honda single cylinder, four stroke powered motorcycles that began production in the 1970's, and continues today with the 2024 Honda XR650L. These motorcycles are known for their good performance, durability and toughness on the street and on the trail, which is why you still see them in production today.

Peter Weller pushing a 1982 Honda XL250R, with Teri Garr in the background.

Chris Gartin character enjoying his first ride on a 1982 Honda XL250R.

Chris Gartin riding a 1982 Honda XL250R with Peter Weller running beside him.
Off Topic Posts / A good comparison
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 21, 2024, 07:56:50 PM »
The people waving Ukraine flags hate America. Imagine that with the position they hold as American politicians. The people who attended the famous January 6th event, and are now in prison, were put in prison for what they stand for, not for what they did.

Off Topic Posts / You Can't Trust Them
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 20, 2024, 05:22:30 PM »
This person is right. Our government is as broken as a person is after being hit head-on by a speeding semi truck. These politicians are cheering because they successfully served their lobbyists, and they can see the personal gain from doing so. You should just vacate any ideas about American politicians serving the people, because they just don't.

Speaker Mike Johnson put the needs of Israel, Ukraine and others above the United States. Mike Johnson is a United States citizen elected to the House of Representatives to serve and represent the American people. He swore an oath before God, as all politicians do, to put the American people first. The latest spending bill he backed and promoted has done zero for the American people, but rewarded Israel, Ukraine and others with more American tax payer money. The bill includes $300,000,000 for Ukraine border patrol, while American borders are left wide open, and illegal alien criminals are allowed to live and operate freely in the United States. Many Americans have been murdered and hurt because of this, but politicians do nothing about it. Mike Johnson thinks it's his duty to fight for foreign nations above the needs of American citizens as his actions prove. Also, Mike Johnson knows if Russia is defeated in Ukraine, America, controlled by the left, will force homosexual, abortion and transgender values on Christian Russia, and open Russian borders to immigrants who won't assimilate. Mike Johnson also knows more money for Ukraine puts America on a path for direct war with Russia, and the death of Americans. As Mike Johnson serves the interests of other nations, his country falls further into disarray. Is this serving God?

Mike Johnson has received $293,155 from a pro Israel lobby.

I'm not against helping other people or nations, but what's happening in America is corrupt. Any American Christian should know the problems in America are enough to occupy American time and resources for years to come. That's how bad it is. At what point do these politicians start to fight for America to solve the problems that fall under their sworn responsibility?

This X post video is even more offensive if you notice the number of American politicians waiving Ukraine flags. Not a single one of these politicians would vote to secure the American border.

Click to view article: Exclusive — Lee Rizutto: Mike Johnson’s Betrayal Puts America on Collision Course with Nuclear Power Adversaries

Off Topic Posts / A coincidence? And Baltimore mayor
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 19, 2024, 10:55:33 PM »
Look for Donald Trump to be found guilty in his latest trial and sentenced to over 1 year in prison. January 6th committee chairman, Bennie Thompson, moves to make it law that anyone sentenced to over 1 year in prison doesn't get Secret Service protection.

How can the Baltimore mayor fairly govern anyone who isn't black?

Off Topic Posts / Does this make you a monster
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 17, 2024, 06:23:33 PM »
The honest Pro Choice position: There are too many people in the world, so kill the babies, they won't be missed. I'm OK with murder.

Off Topic Posts / Donald Trumps 'fair' trial
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 17, 2024, 05:07:13 PM »
Off Topic Posts / The brainiacs controlling American institutions
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 17, 2024, 04:58:56 PM »
Do you remember when Covid was raging in America and around the World, and the American left accused those of us who refused to get vaccinated or wear a mask of denying the 'science,' of those things being affective? Everyone now knows the truth about the vaccine and wearing a mask never prevented Covid. Well, the same people wanting to force vaccinations on everyone because of the 'science' see no evidence of men having an advantage over women in sports. They will also tell you, with a straight face, that a man dressed up as a woman and claiming to be a woman makes them a woman. OK, so that's who these people are. People who would send their mother over Niagara Falls in a barrel if it allowed their twisted reality and beliefs to flourish across the land. No Thanks

Click image to view article: Harvard Crimson Claims It’s ‘Unclear’ Whether Men Have an Athletic Advantage over Women
Off Topic Posts / Something you would never see in 1950's America
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 16, 2024, 10:15:59 PM »
If this isn't a sign of a society in trouble, then I don't know what is.

Off Topic Posts / It's an organized effort to destroy the West
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 16, 2024, 05:10:57 PM »
The problem of 3rd World, non-white, illegal immigration plaguing Western countries like America, Great Britain and France is on purpose. It's an organized, systematic and methodical effort that's been happening to the West for decades to subjugate traditional western people and culture.

I thought of immigration and the West when I saw this post on X about a young boy who used the words "illegal alien" in a report he wrote for school. He was disciplined for using those words, and suspended for 3 days, and told he was being offensive and disrespectful to others. American public schools now won't tolerate a student defending his homeland from illegal immigration, and accurately describing those who cross our borders illegally. The public school system got it wrong: it's intolerable what has happened to America and it's institutions.

Western nations are the only places in the world who's traditional people are attacked for defending their homeland, their history or their people. You don't need to look far to find examples of it either. It's happening in your own towns and communities.

I think the beginning solution is to identify it and attack it by speaking up regardless of the negative labels placed on you. The kid who used the words "illegal alien" should be commended.

100's of illegal aliens from Africa assembled outside City Hall in New York City, to protest being moved from a hotel to city shelters, both places paid for by hard working Americans who have no choice in the matter. You can hear them speaking in their native language as the camera man walks through the crowd. Do you think they organized this protest themselves? Trust me, they didn't. The enemy is among us helping illegal aliens get into the country, and demanding American citizens provide for them when they get here. Nobody voted for this, and American's won't get a chance to vote to stop it.

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