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I'm still getting technical/repair questions sent to me privately through the contact page on this website, even though it clearly says "Please ask technical questions in the Forum."

I won't answer repair questions sent through the contact page or email. I did not create this website to provide private consultation. If you need help setting up a forum account, than I would be more than happy to help you. Don't ask me to spend time helping with repairs if your not willing to spend time setting up a forum account.

Thanks, George
I've decided to re-upload all the photo's to my website server and update all the links on this forum. It should only take about 1000 years, and I will get started on it ASAP. THanks, George
I used photobucket to host photo's I  used on this forum, and photobucket has decided to disable my account until I upgrade and pay them a monthly fee. They can go fly a kite! I used hundreds of photo's on this forum that are hosted on photobucket, which are now not going to show up when you view the forum post, but I don't care. Anything worth reading I will repost on the blog site, which you can find here:

This is why I hate relying on another website to host photo's. This happened once before with imageshack, and I should have learned my lesson than. If there is something you want to see, let me know and I will repost it. Thanks, George
Lawn & Garden Tractors / Scag Tiger Cat w/Kohler Command 25HP
« Last post by smallengineshop on April 22, 2017, 07:24:50 PM »
- 10W-30
- Oil Capacity 1.7-1.9 U.S. qt.
- FRAM PH8172, Kohler 1205001
Want to know which aftermarket key blank is correct for your 1994 to 2017 Harley Davidson Sportster? Read this:
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