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American V-Twin Motorcycles / Re: 04 FXSTD Deuce speedo replacement?
« Last post by smallengineshop on August 26, 2017, 04:20:09 PM »
The console is secured to the bike with 3 torx screws, 2 in back and 1 in front. Once you remove those screws, lift up on the console and disconnect the electrical connections and remove the reset switch, than completely remove the console.

When you turn the console over you should see something called a back clamp that secures the speedometer to the console using clips. Unclip it and you should be able to remove the speedometer and back clamp from the console. #16 in the diagram below says "back lamp," but I think it should say back clamp.

Yes, maxi-fuse wasn't used until 2007. Disconnecting the negative battery cable will do the same thing as removing the maxi-fuse.

American V-Twin Motorcycles / 04 FXSTD Deuce speedo replacement?
« Last post by MikeM on August 21, 2017, 09:25:49 PM »
Hi: Looking for tips to update to new h/d tach combo. Watched the great video here on this subject. 
Dashboard on Duece is different than the Softail Custom in video.  Looks to me like speedo can only be removed by pushing "in", as opposed to pushing "out" ?  Looks like best approach could be to first release black collar from metal posts first ? All suggestions are appreciated.
My mechanical skills are kind of weak.
Also, is it true maxi-fuse wasn't introduced on Deuce until 2007 ?
Thanks !  Mike M.
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Motorcycle General Topics (Not Specific) / Anatomy Of A Motorcycle Frame
« Last post by smallengineshop on August 09, 2017, 01:30:01 AM »
A motorcycle frame is what provides a motorcycle with a skeletal structure, and is what all components found on a motorcycle attach to directly or indirectly. There are many different frame types used on motorcycles. Some frames are made from steel and others are made from aluminum. Motorcycle frames can use round, square or rectangular tubing or a combination of tubing shapes. Some frames use the engine as a structural component of the frame.

There are many factors that go into choosing a motorcycle frame, and can include motorcycle size, engine displacement, engine power, type of riding, cost, type of motorcycle (scooter, mini bike, etc), weight, strength, rigidity, competition use, etc.

The photo below is a single cradle frame and shows the basic parts of a motorcycle frame. A frame can also include additional parts like frame braces for support and frame stays for attaching components to the frame. A single and double cradle motorcycle frame are two very common frame types. A single cradle frame has a single front down tube and main pipe, and a double cradle frame has two front down tubes and one or two main pipes.

Here is a list of different motorcycle frames:

Single Cradle Frame
Double Cradle Frame
Backbone Frame
Underbone Frame
Diamond Frame
Perimeter Frame
Pivotless Frame
Trellis Frame
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American V-Twin Motorcycles / The Harley Davidson Peanut Gas Tank
« Last post by smallengineshop on March 07, 2017, 06:08:35 PM »
Want to know more? Go here:

Harley Davidson Peanut Gas Tank
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