Engine Volume Conversion Calculator

Instructions: Input the number you wish to convert, than choose the units of that number. The unit options are cubic centimeter, cubic inch and liters. Click convert and the calculator will convert the number to the other two volume units. For example, if you choose to convert 1 liter, than the calculator will convert 1 liter to the equivalent cubic centimeters and cubic inches. The answer will appear below.

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Engine manufacturers and service manuals express engine volume as cubic inches, cubic centimeters or liters. Cubic centimeter is the most common volume unit used in small engines, but you still see cubic inch used for Harley Davidson and older industrial engines. Liter and cubic inch is used in larger engines like those found in automobiles and trucks. This conversion calculator rounds the answer to 3 decimal places and uses the following equations to calculate the answer.

The following formula is used to find cubic centimeter when cubic inch is known:

Cubic Centimeters = Cubic Inch / 0.061024

The / character means divide. By moving the equation around we can determine cubic inch when cubic centimeter is known by using the following equation:

Cubic Inch = Cubic Centimeters * 0.061024

The * character means multiply. To find Liters we use the following formula:

Liters = Cubic Centimeters / 1000

This equation can be moved around to find cubic centimeters when liters is known.

Cubic Centimeters = Liters * 1000