Author Topic: Hidden toy rhino attached to motorcycle on The Walking Dead: Dead City?  (Read 1132 times)


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It looks like the first motorcycle ridden by a character on the new AMC show, The Walking Dead: Dead City, has something attached to the left side engine case that appears in several scenes, but is most noticeable to me during a scene when a young girl pushes the motorcycle a few feet, then pushes it over. I don't know who the actress is, but the scene appears early in the second episode of season one called Who's There?

This scene happens very quickly and the engines left top end is darkened and maybe blurred out, making it hard to see, but in that split second when the motorcycle is falling over you can see what looks like a toy rhino attached to the engine. Or maybe is something used in filming like a camera mount? IDK, I was trying to identify the motorcycle, but couldn't understand what was attached to the engine, because there shouldn't be anything there.

Also notice in the photo there are wires with connectors unconnected and dangling down where a radiator should be. Is this motorcycle water cooled? 

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