Author Topic: When Did Honda First Use Fuel Injection On Gold Wing Motorcycles?  (Read 374 times)


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Honda's first fuel injected Gold Wing model first appeared in 1985, but only for a short time, and only on selected models. Fuel injection was first used on a 1985 Honda Gold Wing Limited Edition. It was not used on the 1985 Honda Gold Wing Interstate or Aspencade model. Fuel injection was used again in 1986 but only on the Honda Gold Wing Aspencade SEI model. Fuel injection was discontinued from 1987 through 2000 because it was just expensive to use. Fuel injected Gold Wing models reappeared in 2001 and fuel injection became standard equipment on all later models.

Its can be a bit misleading when your told fuel injection was first used on a Gold Wing motorcycle in 1985. The statement is true, but it was only used on a few models in 1985 and 1986 before being discontinued and not reappearing until year 2001. So don't go searching for a used 1987 - 2000 fuel injected Gold Wing motorcycle because you won't find one.

1985 Honda Gold Wing Limited Edition

1986 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade SEI
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