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Link To Walmart Stores Battery Finder Application Guide
« on: February 20, 2019, 05:45:15 PM »
Why am I posting this? Because I couldn't find a link on Walmarts website to an application guide when shopping for Walmart batteries. Say what you want about Walmart battery quality, but they are very affordable. The battery I was shopping for at Walmart is over $60 cheaper than a compatible battery at Autozone, and it comes with the same 3 year replacement and 2 years prorated warranty. Plus Walmart stores are everywhere! It's easy to find a Walmart store to replace the battery under warranty if you have a problem. Just make sure you keep the receipt in your glove box. Don't keep the receipts too long in your wallet or pocket because the ink on the receipt will quickly disappear like it was printed with disappearing ink. I'm not even sure you need the receipt because there should be a date code sticker on the battery, but, just in case, it can help if you keep your receipts.

Pick the battery from the battery wrack with the newer and most recent date code. Stores like to put the older batteries near the front so they are sold before the newer batteries. But if you take the newer battery instead of one of the older one's, your warranty will start using the date code, which will extend your warranty. Plus the newer batteries are fresher than the older ones. How old the batteries are really depends on how busy the store is. All the batteries may have the same date code in a busy store like Walmart. I remember going to a Sears store once and looking for a deep cycle battery. They had one on the wrack that had been sitting there for over 4 years. Can you believe that? That same Sears store no longer exists and was closed down a few years ago.

The battery date code will appear on a round, approximately 3/4" diameter, colored sticker sticking to the outer battery case. For example, it might say "1/19" for January 2019. You can also check the date code using the string of characters printed on the plastic battery case. It looks like the printing for the string is done by melting or stamping the characters into the case. I believe the date code will be the first 2 characters in the string. For example, the first two characters might be G4, which means G is the 7th letter in the alphabet representing the 7th month of the year, and 4 is the last number in the year 2014. So G4 means the date code is July 2014. This code should match the date code on the sticker.

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