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KLG Spark Plugs Advertisement - 1955
« on: November 13, 2018, 06:23:20 PM »

KLG Spark Plug Advertisement - Sold at Triumph dealerships

I never heard of KLG spark plugs before finding this advertisement. In short, from what I have read online, KLG spark plugs were first created by a race car driver at the turn of the 20th century, in England. KLG are the initials of the inventor, Kenelm Lee Guinness, and he is recognized for building the first modern spark plug. KLG spark plugs were manufactured until 1989. I think NOS (New Old Stock) KLG spark plugs might still be available, but I don't know for sure. Notice the spark plugs are sold at USA Triumph dealerships, which is also an England company.

I've noticed companies tend to favor part suppliers in their own country. For example, Triumph sold KLG spark plugs in 1955 and Harley Davidson preferred American made Champion spark plugs. Its only when parts can't be found are companies more likely to buy from foreign countries. Manufacturing in your own country is important for many reasons. I've experienced this in my own life and wouldn't have some opportunities to capitalize on if parts were not made in USA.

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