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Title: 4 Interesting Facts About Harley Davidson Syn3 And HD360 Brand Motor Oil
Post by: smallengineshop on February 06, 2019, 05:50:52 PM
Here are 4 interesting facts about Harley Davidson Syn3 and HD360 brand of motor oil.

I don't think Harley Davidson is being dishonest about their motor oil products, although they were a bit misleading about their synthetic blend. I do believe Harley Davidson sells good motor oil, and its all I use in my two Harley Davidson motorcycles. I don't do any touring riding, and I use a KLR for cold weather riding. I would be curious to know what oil Harley Davidson recommends for riding in temps below 30.2F? And everyone should know that motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson don't manufacture their own motor oil; they buy it from an oil company and put their label on the container.

I think most serious motorcyclists riding in extreme conditions like cold weather riding are using other brands of motorcycles. Harley Davidson seems to attract people who are more interested in an image than putting serious miles on their bike. As far as not having a good viscosity oil for the extreme cold, I guess there just isn't a market for 10W40 motor oil with Harley riders. Maybe with the newer models coming out in the near future, Harley Davidson will find itself offering 10W40 motor oil again.

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