Harley Davidson Peanut Gas Tank

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  • March 7, 2017
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A Harley Davidson peanut gas tank used on the Forty-Eight sportster.

A big performance disadvantage found on Harley Davidson sportster Forty-Eight and 72 motorcycles is the peanutĀ  gas tank and its low, 2.1 gallon, fuel capacity. This tank is used on the Forty-Eight and 72 because its a great looking tank, but given both bikes have a fuel economy of 48mpg, under ideal conditions, gives both bikes a fuel range of 100.8 miles before having to stop and re-fuel. If you go to Harley Davidson’s website and navigate to the sportster Forty-Eight motorcycle webpage (the 72 sportster has been discontinued for 2017) the description says: “The first time the world saw this iconic 2.1-gallon gas tank was in 1948. But the world has never seen it sitting atop anything quite like this.” Actually the first time the world saw this iconic peanut gas tank in 1948 it had a fuel capacity of 1.75 gallons and was fitted to a Harley Davidson Model S-125 motorcycle. The Model S-125 was powered by a 125cc two stroke engine with a fuel economy of 90 mpg (according to the internets). The small peanut gas tank gave the Model S-125 a fuel range of 157.5 miles; a much more practical choice for a Model S-125 than the Forty-Eight and 72 sportster.

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2013 Harley Davidson Forty Eight Sportster

2014 Harley Davidson 72 Sportster

A Harley Davidson Model S motorcycle fitted with a 1.75 gallon peanut gas tank.

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