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3hp tecumseh
« on: September 22, 2013, 08:54:03 PM »
I have a 3hp tecumseh on my sprayer. Now most motors are cc how do I know how many cc motor I need.where do you buy  motors at a good price


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Re: 3hp tecumseh
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Older engines will display the horse power value on the engine, but a new small engine will display the torque value. If you use the horse power/torque formula and the Briggs and Stratton website, you can figure out which torque value a 3 hp engine will have, and look up the engine specs to see how many cc's the engine has. The formula for horse power (HP) and torque (T) is:

HP = (T x RPM) / 5252
T = (HP x 5252) / RPM

The character x means to multiply and the / character means to divide

Horse power is usually measured at 3600 rpm (revolutions per minute) so if we know the horse power and RPM we can figure out torque. Since your engine is 3 horse power:

T = (3 x 5252) / 3600 = 4.38 lb-ft

So, if you go to the Briggs and Stratton website and find a lawnmower engine close to 4.38 lb-ft, you can than look at the engine volume specification to find engine cc or cubic centimeter volume. Here is the engine I found and its gross torque is 4.5 lb-ft:

and the engine volume is 148 cc.

When your comparing engine's keep in mind that different engine designs will have different performance. For example, an overhead valve engine will produce more torque and horse power per cubic centimeter than a flat head engine, so keep that in mind when your doing the comparison.

Hope that helps......
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Re: 3hp tecumseh
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