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« on: July 08, 2013, 02:30:29 PM » is a non-profit organization that provides certification for small engine technicians, and is similar to ASE for the automotive field. EETC stands for Equipment and Engine Training Council. EETC offers certification in the following areas:

Four Stroke Engine
Two Stroke Engine
Compact Diesel Engine
Mobile Generator
Reel Technology
Electrical Systems
I think the four stroke and two stroke exams are the most popular, and the two stroke exam is the more difficult one of the two.

EETC has proctors all over the USA, so to become certified you go to their website and find a proctor close to you, than register for an exam. EETC also offers study guides for each examination. Registration and payment can all be done online at, and payment made through paypal or through personal check using regular mail.

The top ten reasons technicians become certified according to a survey conducted by eetc are:

1. It shows customers my commitment to service
2. To open up more job opportunities
3. To gain more credibility with distributors
4. In order to be eligible for promotion
5. Because my dealer offers salary increases for certification
6. To gain the respect of other techs
7. To get national recognition
8. To improve my skills and abilities
9. Certification makes me feel like a professional
10. Because I'm proud of what I do

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