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Words Matter!
« on: February 21, 2024, 06:04:56 PM »
New words to describe illegal aliens crossing USA borders illegally are "undocumented citizens." The first words to describe illegals were "illegal aliens," then it went to "illegal immigrant." Now it's just 'migrant' or "undocumented migrant." The new bad description will be "undocumented citizen." Words matter!

The Lefts goal is to apply US citizenship automatically to anyone crossing the border regardless of whether its legal or illegal. They're replacing traditional Americans. The forces responsible for this don't give a damn about traditional America.

There are no laws, no legal procedure you can follow, no voting process and no American group or person who can fix this. I'm not sure the American founding fathers anticipated what is happening today. There doesn't seem to be any safe guards to protect Americans from being destroyed from within except for the second amendment right to protect yourself with a firearm, and the first amendment right to free speech.

We have reached a point where the Left doesn't follow the rule of law. It has been years since real border enforcement existed in USA. We have a president who cheated to get elected, and is a known criminal thanks to his crack head son, yet nothing happens to him. Do you ever wonder why the Left is so ambitious about stopping free speech online by censoring speech they don't like and calling it 'hate' speech, but celebrates speech that puts the most vulnerable Americans in harms way? Do you ever wonder why the Left is so ambitious about taking guns rights from law abiding citizens, yet lets criminals back out on the street? Not only does that not work to protect citizens, it makes no sense.

The Left wants every road block removed that slows down the complete destruction of Western culture and traditional America. 

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