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Harley Davidson discontinued this classic padlock
« on: July 17, 2023, 04:51:09 PM »
Harley Davidson discontinued their classic Bar & Shield padlock. I'm probably the only person who noticed and cares enough to speak about it. ;D The Bar & Shield padlock was made by Master Lock for Harley Davidson. It's a Master Lock 220 padlock and still available from Master Lock in the plain version. It's even available in different sizes. I don't know how long this lock has been in production and sold at Harley dealerships. I believe Harley Davidson now uses Kryptonite products for all their security locks, chains and cables, which is a good product, but they don't quite have that classic look and feel.

I think the Bar & Shield padlock is the only lock I've seen from Harley Davidson with a coined Bar & Shield logo on the body of the lock. It looked good in my opinion and it wasn't a bad functioning lock either. The shackle was much larger in diameter than many other padlocks of similar size, and I believe it either contained anti-pick security pins or it had an unusual amount of pins making it more difficult to pick. Not sure though....

Whenever I think of motorcycle locks I always think of this Bar & Shield padlock, but it's now gone along with the classic Sportster. I remember seeing this padlock used to lock the steering on Harley's when they came with a hole in the steering and frame where you could use a padlock to lock the steering. It was definitely a classic Harley Davidson accessory in my opinion.

The following is an older post I made about this padlock:

Harley Davidson Bar & Shield Padlock #45737-72A

Master Lock Solid Body Padlock #220

New link 7/18/2023: Master Lock Solid Body Padlock #220

Both above padlocks are actually the same Master Lock Solid Body #220 padlock, but the Harley Davidson version has the Bar & Shield logo engraved in the lock. I have both padlocks and the Harley Davidson version is actually pretty nice. The HD version is slightly more expensive than the Master Lock version, but I think its a good buy if your a fan of Harley Davidson.
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