Author Topic: New York City illegal immigrants riding scooters for work. Making $3000/month  (Read 126 times)


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Many illegal immigrants in New York City are making as much as $3000 a month tax free working as delivery drivers on scooters while New York City tax payers are paying their bills. The bills include: food, rent and even cleaning services. Not only do these illegals have a job without a social security number or proper documentation, but they are allowed to ride gas powered scooters to make deliveries. A whole litany of laws have been changed or are being broken to allow illegal immigrants to live and work in NYC. A corrupt government and politicians are ignoring and changing laws they don't like, to make it easier for illegal immigrants to live in America. The corruption is a burden on American citizens.

It doesn't make you a racist or bad person to not want illegal immigrants in your country. It doesn't make you a racist or bad person to notice the negative effects of illegal immigration on your community and to say something about it. The ruling class wants you to remain silent and fear being called a xenophobe or racist while they destroy your culture, community and country. The ruling class hates traditional American culture and people, and Mexico is not a friend to America when it allows immigrants from around the world to use Mexico as a stepping stone to cross America's border.

You don't have to hate illegal immigrants to realize they don't belong here.


Not a single license plate is visible on these scooters parked in front of The Roosevelt Hotel where the government has the illegal families and individuals living rent free.


Here's another photo of the scooters used by illegal immigrants in New York City. Not a single license plate is visible in the photo. The first and most visible scooter is a gas powered scooter with an exhaust pipe sticking out the back. It doesn't have a license plate. Even if this scooter has a small displacement 49cc engine, and is considered a moped by NYC DMV, the driver must have a drivers license and the scooter must be registered and insured. How can these scooters be registered if there isn't a license plate? And if the scooters not registered, why isn't NYPD issuing traffic tickets and impounding the vehicles? The answer is corruption.
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