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I'm thinking about buying a new 2023 Kawasaki KLR650. I really like the additional features of the Adventure model, but I don't like the camo design. My favorite color is the Pearl Storm Gray, but it's only available on the base model, which has an MSRP of $6,899 without ABS. To add all the optional items found on the Adventure model it costs an additional $2441.25, which raises the price to $9340.25. The Adventure model without ABS has an MSRP of $7,899. Its a savings of $1441.25 to buy the adventure model instead of buying a base model and adding the accessories.

The best accessory to add to a KLR650 for hauling shopping bags or whatever is the top case in my opinion, which cost $375.80. The top case is better than side cases because one case holds just as much as two side cases and its easier to work with. The top case is also more likely to survive a fall. The top case is not included on the Adventure model, but it is included on the Traveler model, which has an MSRP of $7599. The Traveler model is only available in Pearl Solar Yellow. The Traveler model also includes the optional 12v outlet.

Another option is to buy a base model KLR650 and buy aftermarket accessories. I bought a top case for a second generation KLR650 for around $70. It's smaller than the Kawasaki top case, but it's a savings of over $300. You can see the top case I bought by clicking here. A good reason to buy aftermarket cases is they come in larger sizes. Go check Givi luggage and see all the options you have. Your going to pay more though unless you can find it used.

I guess I can live with any color or design. If you want all the accessories found on a typical 'adventure' motorcycle, then it makes sense to buy the adventure model KLR for the savings. 

Cost to add side cases:
21 Liter Side Cases, Fitting Kit $24.95
21 Liter Side Cases, One Key System $57.95
21 Liter Side Cases, Side Panel Set $111.95
21 Liter Side Cases $633.95
===================================================== Total $828.80

Cost to add top case:
43 Liter Top Case, One Key System $25.95
43 Liter Top Case, Top Case Panel, Silver/GU $46.95
43 Liter Top Case, Fitting Kit $62.95
43 Liter Top Case $239.95
===================================================== Total $375.80

Cost to add electrical accessories:
Relay Kit $23.95
USB Socket Kit $106.95
DC Power Outlet $107.95
LED Auxiliary Light Set $447.95
===================================================== Total $686.80

Grip Heater Set $228.95
===================================================== Total $228.95

Tank Pad $68.95
Knee Pad Set $101.95
===================================================== Total $170.90

Cost to add protective crash bars:
Frame Slider $282.95
Frame Slider (version 2) $447.95
===================================================== Total $925.65

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