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Bad Moon Rising
« on: November 09, 2022, 04:37:43 PM »
The graph below show's how 'Americans' vote among different demographics. The majority of non Whites and Whites with college degrees vote democrat, and for leftist values, sometimes as high as 90 percent as seen in Black communities. This trend is getting worse, and there is no evidence of a person or group waiting in the shadow's to rescue America.  Good people are already persecuted in this country and this voting trend means persecution will only get worse.

America's trajectory is on a path to continue supporting evil, which will lead to it's destruction. There is no other word other than 'evil' to accurately describe America's values of homosexuality, gender ideology, feminism, destruction of family, pornography, abortion, CRT, war, transgenderism, drag queens, lying and cheating. A perfect example of these modern American values is Montana residents voted to prevent medical care for aborted babies born alive at any point during pregnancy. 55 percent of Montana residents would rather see children die, than be inconvenienced in their pursuit of pleasure. Montana shamed as residents vote ‘No’ on measure to protect babies after they’re born: ‘Unimaginable’

The days of voting these problems away are over. America is a "dead man walking," short of a catastrophic or major disruption, just like a prisoner on death row and his last walk from his jail cell to the gas chamber. Get your life right with God because there's a "bad moon rising."

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