Author Topic: I Want To Ride Everything Except A Christian Diore Themed Scooter  (Read 21 times)


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I've owned a lot of two wheeled vehicles. Everything from mini bikes to Harleys to bicycles to electric bicycles. How a vehicle looks or what other people think has never really stopped me from going for a ride. I even own the folding bicycle shown in the thumbnail for my account on this forum. But is there one two wheeled vehicle that gives me pause when I see it? One vehicle that stops me in my tracks and makes me want to turn around and go in the other direction. The vehicle is a Vespa Christian Diore model. Don't get me wrong, I like Vespa scooters and think they make a great product, but stepping into fashion design is not a place I want to go, but I get it. A lot of women ride Vespa scooters and I guess the whole fashion angle appeals to them. 

Click on image to view this scooter on Vespa's website.
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