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Evolution Powered Harley Davidson Sportster
« on: July 02, 2022, 03:54:05 PM »
This video shows a guy riding his classic Harley Davidson Sportster around town. It's just him riding and the sound of the Sportster Evolution engine. Talking never takes place in the video. The video has almost 1 million views in 1 year. I can't believe this video got 1 million views in such a short time, but there it is. People like the sound of most Harley's.

It's rumored Harley Davidson will replace the Sportster Evolution engine with the new Revolution Max engine on all Sportster models. The Revolution Max engine doesn't look or sound anything like a Harley. By doing this Harley Davidson is throwing away the style and sound that is the primary reason people buy Harley's to begin with.

I find it hard to believe Harley Davidson won't come out with an updated Sportster engine that retains what makes it a Harley Davidson. But there you go, the replacement appears to be happening. Is this happening because of this: Say Goodbye To The Honda Gold Wing?

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