Author Topic: Will Joe Biden Make America More 'Green' ?  (Read 1047 times)


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Will Joe Biden Make America More 'Green' ?
« on: June 15, 2022, 05:45:16 PM »
Joe Biden's energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, recently said this about rising gas prices "rising gas prices serve as a “very compelling case” to purchase an electric vehicle." Ya well, rising gas prices also make an even better case to purchase a scooter or motorcycle, but don't expect these vehicles to produce less pollution than gas powered cars.

According to Mythbusters (see video below), motorcycles produce more hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides than other vehicles because they're emissions are not as strictly regulated. Wouldn't it be funny if green energy advocates end up causing more pollution from their schemes to kill the fossil fuel industry than if they had just left everyone alone.

I don't think people realize just how pollution free new cars and trucks actually are. In the past suicidal people would lock themselves in their garage with the car running and carbon monoxide would kill them. That doesn't happen anymore, or suicides by carbon monoxide poisoning have greatly been reduced. I've worked on the rear of older and new cars when the engine is running and there is a world of difference. You could hardly breath behind older cars and breathing behind a new car was like the engine wasn't running. Just look at the graphs used in the video posted below.

The Joe Biden administration is intentionally causing fuel prices to rise to make using a traditional car or truck painful for most people. Hurting people is OK as long as the Left gets their way, right? The unintended consequences may be that they push people to other forms of transportation that are less 'green' than cars and trucks, and make pollution worse than it was especially in larger cities? 

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