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Manual for the Harley Davidson Black Dial Analog Speedometer/Tachometer-74777-11A

The link above links to the manual for a Harley Davidson Speedometer/Tachometer 74777-11A. As of today, 9/9/2014, this manual is not available on the HD website. HD was kind enough to email the manual to me. I was trying to help a person on YouTube who said they purchased the 74777-11A speedo/tach for a 2013 Harley Davidson Fat Boy, and was having trouble connecting the speedometer to the motorcycles data port. The person said the data port on the motorcycle is a 6 pin Deutsch connector, and the connector included with the speedo/tach is a 4 pin Deutsch connector, so he couldn't plug the two different connectors together. Here is a copy of the conversation as of today (9/9/2014):

  • hi i have softail fatboy 2013 but my plug has 6 pins instead 4 and i cant make this connecting, do you have any idea how to can i solve this problem?
  • Did you buy the correct speedo for your bike? I don't think there is a solution for this problem, but I would try calling your local HD dealership. I hope you didn't purchase the wrong speedo, because I don't think HD dealerships will allow returns on electronic products.
  • I bought the speedo according to HD site, its 74777-A11 and before i bought it i ask if it fit to my bike and they said yes, it is very strange that no one can help my dealership or even HD have no idea
  • To make sure we are on the same page. I don't have access to the instructions that came with your speedometer. Are you saying the data link connector on your motorcycle is 6 pin instead of 4? If your speedometer is like the one in the video, than it came with an adapter harness. One end of the harness fits into the speedometer and the other end plugs into the data link connecter. How many pins are in the harness data link connecter end (The end of the harness that fits into your data link port on the motorcycle)? And how many pins are in the data link connector coming from your motorcycle?
  • I uploaded photo's of the adapter harness used in the video to give you a better idea what I am referring to in my previous comment. Here is the link:
  • My speedo as i wrote is 74777-11A this speedo is KM and not MPH  Yes my data link connector on your motorcycle is 6 pin, I have the same cable as you have you with 4 pins when i called to HD they said this is the correct cable and they dont have other adapter cable it sound very strange that HD make motorcycle with data link with 6 pin and they dont have adapter cable that match Right now i dont have any idea what to do, I hope you could help and have something or idea When i disconnection the speedo of the electricity on my motorcycle and return it back i can see the real KM for 3 second and it return back and show 999999 I ask someone and he said my be my computer on the motorcycle was locked, do you think it is possible? and if yes how could i release it thank you very much for your help I appreciate very much
  • Are you sure your looking at the data port and not another connector on your motorcycle? Can you take a picture of the data port and post it on the forum? Thanks..
  • I just verified the 6 pin data port through a forum post online. It says HD went to a 6 pin data port on all Softails in 2011. The HD parts and service department near me could not tell me if HD went to a 6 pin data port on the 2013 Fat Boy. They are completely oblivious to the problem, and I don't have a solution to you. I wish HD would make the instruction sheet for the 74777-11A available online. I would take your motorcycle and the speedometer back to your HD dealership and show them the problem and demand a refund. I will continue to look for information regarding your problem and let you know if I find anything.
  • Contact Harley Davidson customer care 800-258-2464. They said the 74777-11A comes with 6 pin adapter harness and not a 4 pin. I told them what you told me, and they wanted to know when the 74777-11A speedometer was purchased.
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