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2022 Harley Davidson Nightster With A Classic Sportster Engine


What would the new 2022 Harley Davidson Nightster look like with a classic Sportster engine? Lets find out.

The last photo below shows the 2022 Nightster with a classic Evolution Sportster engine. it's not a perfectly edited image, but it gives you an idea of what a Nightster might look like if Harley Davidson had stuck with the classic Sportster engine.

I think the biggest improvement is getting rid of the oil and engine coolant radiators and those obnoxious plastic shrouds. The second improvement is having the finned cylinders and heads back.

I don't think the Revolution Max engine or the new Nightster is bad looking, but it's definitely a departure from the air cooled Evolution powered Sportsters. Whether or not the Evolution powered Nightster looks better is up to you.

2022 Harley Davidson Nightster with the Revolution Max engine

2022 Harley Davidson Nightster with a classic Sportster Evolution engine


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