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The new design features of Harley's new motorcycles that use the Revolution Max engine have already appeared on Japanese and European motorcycles, with maybe one exception that I know of. The under seat gas tank used to lower the center of gravity on the new 2022 Harley Davidson Nightster was used by Honda on the 1100 Shadow in 1985. Overhead cams, water cooling, lower center of gravity, lighter weight, higher horsepower, it's nothing new in the motorcycle industry.

Harley Davidson Motor Co. has been the leading motorcycle manufacturer in USA sales for large motorcycles for years, and I don't think Harley Davidson has sold a single motorcycle in the last 50 years because the buyer thought it was quicker or faster than the competition. The Harley Davidson V-rod model might be an exception, but than you have to ask is it faster than a Yamaha Vmax, and if horsepower and torque is what buyers want, then why is it discontinued? I just wonder if this new Revolution Max engine that sacrifices classic style, looks and sound for horsepower and torque, and if it does in fact replace the classic air cooled v-twin on Sportster models, will take away from what made the Harley Davidson Sportsters so desirable to begin with. It's too bad Harley Davidson didn't lower the weight and center of gravity on the classic Sportster years ago and keep that classic Harley Davidson style. Why didn't Harley Davidson make their motorcycles better with out destroying what made them so popular to begin with?

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2022 Harley Davidson Nightster

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