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Back in 2018 I wrote a post about MMI-Motorcycle Mechanics Institute tuition decrease by 33 percent, but now that savings is gone. See post here:

The cost to receive a diploma from MMI, which includes two manufacturer electives, unless you take the Harley Davidson elective, which means you only get one elective without a price increase, was less than $20k in 2018. It had dropped from $30k the previous year. Now, in 2024 the tuition has risen to over $30k again for the same thing. The tuition cost for a AOS degree in motorcycle repair is over $37k. The tuition to attend the basic UTI Automotive program without any electives is over $43k. You can easily spend more than $50k to attend this school.

I can't in good conscience recommend this school to any person requiring a loan to attend. You will be strapped with debt in an industry known for paying a lousy income. There are better options.

Los Angeles City College offers courses in motorcycle and automotive repair, and Fort Scott Community College offers a certificate and degree in motorcycle repair with a focus on Harley Davidson. Every single state in USA offers community college courses in automotive repair. You can attend these schools at a fraction of what UTI and MMI will charge.

UTI and MMI tuition is too high and it keeps going up every year. The only reason the majority of UTI and MMI students can pay their high tuition rates is because our government has created a student loan scheme where every student, including those with no credit, are able to get loans. These loans are unlike any traditional loan. Once you agree to accept and pay back a student loan, unlike a traditional loan, you can't get out of it. You can't even claim bankruptcy. Your trapped! Fall on hard times, too bad pay up. Can't get a job, too bad pay up. Don't make enough money to pay your loan payment, too bad pay up. If you can't pay your student loan payment on time the interest and fines keep piling up. A $50k loan can grow into a much larger amount in a short period of time.

The automotive and motorcycle repair industry doesn't pay an income high enough to justify a $30k or more student loan to learn how to repair vehicles for an entry level position. UTI/MMI tuition rates just don't make sense!

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