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More Affordable Touring Motorcycles
« on: March 01, 2022, 05:23:25 PM »
Several new touring motorcycles for 2022 are priced near $30,000. The initial cost of $30k is a lot to spend for a motorcycle, but you do have other options.

Check out the 2022 Kawasaki's Vulcan 1700 Voyager. It's a full dress touring motorcycle and retails for $18,229. Kawasaki has been making this model for years, since 2009, which means aftermarket accessory manufacturers are making parts and accessories for them, and you can easily find used models for around $10k with low miles.

Almost every motorcycle model is available on the used market with low miles. Even touring models end up being sold with low miles. There are so many used motorcycles in America that now American Harley Davidson dealership's have used motorcycle inventory. Harley will even buy your used motorcycle if you have one for sale. Harley's used motorcycle business reminds me of Carmax. You can take almost any used car to Carmax and they will make you an offer to buy it, then resale your vehicle for profit.

Used motorcycle are definitely more affordable. If you must have a new motorcycle, then the Kawasaki Voyager is the lowest MSRP big full dress touring motorcycle.

To determine the cost of owning a motorcycle you must consider Total Initial Cost, insurance, financing, depreciation, maintenance/repair, market and resale value. Total cost depends on many factors. Total cost depends on you, your situation and the motorcycle.

Here is the link to Harley Davodson's pre owned motorcycle inventory. Harley Davidson Pre-Owned Motorcycles

Click on image to view the 2022 Kawasaki 1700 Voyager on Kawasaki's website:
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