Author Topic: Bad Photo & Worst Motorcycle Crash I've Ever Seen. Los Angetes West Hills Crash  (Read 1252 times)


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Breitbart News Network used the blurry photograph below as a thumbnail to link to an article about a gruesome motorcycle crash in Los Angeles that happened yesterday. The motorcycle in this photo could be a moped, small scooter, or a Honda Trail 90 or 125. All these vehicles can't reach 65 mph on a down hill. The victim of the motorcycle crash was going 130 mph on a Supersport motorcycle on city streets and hit a car at an intersection (corner of Roscoe and Fallbrook) making a left turn. The motorcycle was traveling so fast the rider didn't have time to react to the dangerous situation he put himself in, and he lost his life. I doubt he even had time to think to himself "oh oh, this is bad."

The motorcycle impact with the car was so hard the riders shoes came off and he was thrown over 100 feet away from the accident. The motorcycle and the front end of the car was completely destroyed. The motorcyclist was riding a stolen Suzuki GSX-R 750 and running from the police when the accident happened. I'm not sure about the year the motorcycle was manufactured. I do know it's not brand new because a Duralast battery is hanging out the side of the wrecked motorcycle. Duralast is a aftermarket brand sold at Autozone auto parts stores. Most lead acid batteries will last at least 5 years before needing replacement.

News flash for potential motorcycle thieves: Its not worth risking your life for any motorcycle, and how do you think your going to escape when your being followed by a helicopter?

You can see the full accident here, but I have to warn you its disturbing:   

Click on the image to view the Breitbart article:
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