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Is Harley Davidson Motor Co. Woke?


Harley Davidson's latest video should be about motorcycles, but the first few words spoken accentuates racism in America in the 1950's. Racism is stressed again later in the video.

I challenge everyone reading this to look up Bessie Stringfield. A woman of color who rode her Harley Davidson motorcycle across America in the 1930's. Someone back than sold her a Harley Davidson motorcycle and gave her a license, which you probably find surprising after watching the video below. She rode a motorcycle from 1929 to the time of her death in 1993 at the old age of 82. A woman of color who rode her motorcycle so much she was dubbed "The Motorcycle Queen of Miami," and was inducted in the Motorcycle Hall Of Fame. Her story is known world wide and she was educated and worked as a nurse in America. All this happened in America during a time when many people today want you to believe POC walked around thinking they might be killed any second by the great oppressor.

It's become so advantageous in American society today to be a victim and to virtue signal, you have to question everything you read and hear now including the Bessie Stringfield story. So many things are exaggerated! Is the constant condemning of America with accusations of racism something corporations have to do now to earn your business?

Racism has existed in America throughout it's history in all racial groups if you use the true definition of the word, and it exists today. Racism is growing because the Left keeps dividing people and pitting one group against another. It's already led to the murder of innocent people as seen a few days ago when a driver of a red SUV plowed through a Christmas parade.

Bessie Stringfield. She doesn't look oppressed does she?


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