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Introduction Of Daryl Dixon's Second Motorcycle On Walking Dead


The introduction of Daryl Dixon's second motorcycle used in Walking Dead starts in season 5, episode 13 - Forget, when Daryl befriends a guy who offers him the motorcycle and parts to complete a motorcycle build in exchange for his employment to find and recruit new members to their community. All you see in this episode is a hidden motorcycle under a tarp and several different motorcycle engine's and wheels sitting on the floor of a garage and work bench supposedly used to build the motorcycle. In the following episode 14 - Spend, the motorcycle is reveled, and it's a custom Honda CB750 Nighthawk.

The bike is from the early ninety's, but it's hard to identify the exact year. The motorcycle builder for the show built several identical motorcycles for Dixon's character. Since early 90's 750 Nighthawks looked similar, he could have easily used two different model year Nighthawks and made them look identical.

With most people turned into zombies on Walking Dead and lacking the ability to open a door let alone drive a vehicle, Daryl Dixon has his pick of almost any motorcycle in existence, so why would he choose a heavy and hacked up Honda Nighthawk with a modified exhaust making it louder and attracting more zombies in his direction? Zombies on Walking Dead are attracted to sound and heavy motorcycles with low suspension travel are horrible for off road riding.

Also, why is nobody on this show wearing leather armor since so many zombie victims get bit on the leg, arm and around the neck area? Leather brazers would be on my forearms 24/7. LOL!

The scene when Daryl Dixon first see's the parts to restore his new motorcycle. Notice the Harley Davidson engine sitting on the floor and a single and twin cylinder engine and transmission on the work bench. None of these parts came from a Honda CB750 Nighthawk.

The Walking Dead scene when Daryl Dixon sees his new Honda CB750 Nighthawk covered by a tarp.

The first scene when Daryl Dixon's motorcycle is reveled.

Daryl Dixon new custom Honda CB750 Nighthawk. Notice what looks like zip ties used to secure a mounting bracket for the storage bag mounted where the battery and air filter box used to be. I could imagine Dixon using zip ties. The storage bag is useless for bigger items. What he needs is a big rack on the back and some sort of container to transport larger items. A container like the old milk crates used to deliver milk. It seems that what's practical and easy to find in a zombie world is usually the opposite of what looks cool. I have seen old wooden containers used as wine crates that used a dark stain with logos burned into the wood that look pretty good. Something like that would have been practical, looked good and matched the color scheme of Dixon's new motorcycle. Notice the fake kick starter mounted behind the engine. Notice the custom mount for his cross bow behind the seat. Notice the working round horn just underneath the gas tank near the front. I'm not sure why he would need a horn. The front end of this bike is from a Yamaha, but I don't remember the model. There is plenty of information online about this motorcycle.

The left side rear view of Daryl Dixon's customized Honda CB750 Nighthawk. Overall the motorcycle works for the show and I like the colors. It's entertaining, but definitely not my first choice for a Walking Dead type of world.


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