Author Topic: Harley Davidson Premium Tool Kit-14900033 does have a lifetime Warranty  (Read 1717 times)


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Harley Davidson's Premium Tool Kit comes with a 1 year limited warranty from Harley Davidson, and a lifetime warranty from Snap-On. Inside the kit there is a lifetime warranty card, which directs the owner to use the following email to file a replacement claim,

Snap-On manufactures this kit for Harley Davidson, and each individual tool is stamped with the words Harley Davidson and not Snap-On or Blue Point. From my understanding Snap-On has two lines of tools; a highest quality line of tools made by Snap-On, and marked with the Snap-On logo, and a lower quality line of tools called Blue-Point, and labeled Blue-Point. I believe the Harley Davidson Premium Tool Kit is more inline with the Blue Point line of tools in terms of quality, because they are manufactured in Taiwan where most Blue Point tools are made.

The Harley Davidson Premium Tool Kit is a bit pricey at $274.95. For that amount you can get far more tools by buying a Craftsman tool kit from Sears, which also comes with a lifetime warranty. However, I am not sure the quality of Craftsman tools are on the same level.

Would I buy this kit? I would consider it as a gift, but I would not buy it for my own personal use. Its too expensive, and if I have a problem outside of Harley Davidson's 1 year warranty my only recourse is contacting Snap-On through email. If the guy at Snap-On decides not to answer my email, than what can I do? There goes the lifetime warranty. As of 11/19/2015, you can buy a Craftsman 302 piece tool set for $219.99, and if you have any problems with the tools you simply take it back to Sears. I have had to do this a few times with the Craftsman 3/8 ratchet, and I was given a new ratchet with no questions asked.

(Note: I did email Snap-On regarding their lifetime warranty, and I received a reply back asking what problem I was having with the tool set. I explained I was only contacting them to confirm the warranty, and I than asked if the tools were from their Snap-On or Blue Point line. I never heard back from the guy.)

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