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New Mini Motorcycle From Honda
« on: November 19, 2021, 10:41:40 PM »
Honda has a cool mini motorcycle coming out in 2022 called Navi. It's called a mini motorcycle, but a more accurate description might be a small bike with a scooter engine and power train and a motorcycle 'like' frame. The Navi is powered by a 109cc single cylinder, four stroke engine and CVT transmission like on most scooters, which means it's gas and go with no manual clutch or manual transmission to shift. The motorcycle frame is not step through like many traditional scooters and I believe the gas tank is located on the frames main pipe like a traditional motorcycle. Fuel tank capacity is only .9 gallons, but mpg is 110 miles.  The engine is placed farther back near the rear wheel like on most scooters. Occupying the space where you would normally find the engine on a traditional motorcycle is a storage compartment. Wheel size on the Navi is 10 inch rear and 12 inch front.

The Navi comes in four colors: grass hopper green, red, ranger green and nut brown.

I believe this mini motorcycle is marketed to new riders and people who love the convenience of a automatic scooter transmission, but hate the scooter image. The Navi MSRP is $1800. I bet Honda sales a ton of these things.....

Click on image to view Honda's new Navi motorcycle:

The new 2022 Honda Navi in grass hopper green.
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