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Are Harley Davidson Motorcycle's Reliable?


I still see online comments about Harley Davidson motorcycles leaking oil and being unreliable, which hasn't been true since the mid 1980's. I even heard someone from Harley Davidson's electric bicycle company, Serial 1, refer to oil leaks on Harley's in a joking manner to help sell electric powered vehicles. I believe Harley's reputation for leaking oil started in the 1970's due to quality control problems when Harley Davidson was owned by AMF, but that ended in the mid 1980's when ownership of Harley Davidson switched hands and a new engine was introduced.

For some reason people love to accept the oil leak myth as fact and not do any fact checking. I've owned several Harley Davidson motorcycles myself and I'd have to say they've been just as reliable as any Japanese motorcycle I've owned, and I've never had an oil leak problem that was the fault of Harley Davidson.

The video below is by a guy in Australia who owns the Million Dollar Bogan YouTube channel. He's an average motorcyclist and vlogger that takes his Harley Davidson motorcycles on long distant trips through Australia. Often times these trips are thousands of miles long and through rough terrain like unpaved roads and trails that branch off the main road. Here is his video and testimony about Harley Davidson reliability:

Note: I'm not a Harley Davidson fan boy that will always support The Motor Co. The problems I've had with Harley Davidson in the past, and expressed on this forum, have to do with corporate policy.


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