Author Topic: FRAM CH6070 Oil Filter For Kawasaki KLR 650's. Plus, Oil Filter Box Label Images  (Read 765 times)


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FRAM makes an oil filter for the Kawasaki KLR 650 that is listed in the 2020 FRAM application guide for 1987 to 2018 models, but I think it will also fit the new 2022 KLR's. The oil filter name is CH6070, and the price is $4.99 on Amazon with free Prime shipping (see link below). The CH6070 filter also comes with the o-ring for the KLR oil filter cover, which costs an additional $5 from a Kawasaki dealership.


The CH6070 oil filter is comparable to the Kawasaki OEM oil filter. In fact, it looks almost identical, but it's close to $3 cheaper than buying the Kawasaki version at the dealership. I don't know what the efficiency rating is, but it is part of the FRAM Extra Guard line of filters, which FRAM claims the Extra Guard brand has an efficiency rating of 95.7% efficient @ 20 microns. I know this statement is true for spin-on oil filters, but I'm not positive it applies to cartridge filters.

What Really Makes An Oil Filter Effective? Hint…It Doesn’t Make for Great Video.

The only draw back I found with the FRAM CH6070 oil filter is it's hard to find, which is why I had to order it on Amazon. You can also buy it online through Walmart, but Amazon Prime has better shipping. Using the FRAM CH6070 oil filter with the included o-ring instead of the OEM Kawasaki version's will save you close to $8 just on the oil filter alone. Add in Walmart SuperTech 10W-40 Full Synthetic motorcycle oil instead of the Kawasaki brand and your savings is close to $29 per oil change.

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