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What I like about the new 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure so far:

  • LED lighting - Kawasaki replaced the old Halogen headlight used on the first and second generation KLR with new LED lighting. The KLR Adventure has an LED headlight, taillight, turn signals and driving lights.

  • Driving Lights - The KLR Adventure now includes additional driving lights to help light up the side of the road.

  • Accessory Outlets - The KLR Adventure and Traveler now include a 12 volt and a USB port to power accessories

  • New Alternator - All 3 2022 KLR models include a new, more powerful alternator to power more accessories. The old alternator on the first and second gen KLR 650 produced a maximum of 17 amps and the new alternator produces 26 amps. That's an increase from roughly 238W to 364W. Plus the new LED lights use less power than halogen lights leaving more power for add-on accessories.

  • Better Seat - I haven't had the opportunity to ride the new KLR yet, but I've heard testimonies online that the new seat is firmer and more comfortable than the older seats used on previous stock KLR 650's.

  • Lockable Tool Holder - The first and second generation KLR's used a strap to hold the tool kit container closed. It worked for keeping it closed, but made your tools vulnerable to theft. The new tool pouch holder has a lid fitted with a cam lock that is keyed to work with the same key used to start the KLR, so it's now lockable to help prevent theft and also convenient.

  • Hard Lockable Luggage - Kawasaki offered soft luggage accessories for the first and second generation KLR's. They were good but lacked any ability to protect your contents from theft. For 2022 Kawasaki updated the saddle bags and trunk top case to a hard plastic with locks making them more theft proof.

  • Fuel Injection - All KLR's for 2022 are fitted with fuel injection. The first and second generation KLR's were carburetored, and in later years Kawasaki adjusted the carburetor very lean to get passed EPA requirements. It worked for meeting EPA requirements but caused the bike to pop and sputter when decelerating. Fuel injection solves these problems as well as other fuel related problems caused from long term storage.

  • Top Case Attachment Kit - Now that Kawasaki offers a hard top case for the KLR, they also sell the attachment kit. I added an aftermarket hard top case to my 2009 KLR, but had to make a secondary rear rack so I wouldn't need to drill holes in the stock rack. It's nice that Kawasaki now offers a case and attachment kit, but the price is high.

    I paid close to $100 for the top case and everything (not including tools and labor) needed to attach the case. See video below. To add a top case to a 2022 KLR using Kawasaki parts and having it keyed to the key used on the bike will cost close to $300, and that is not including labor if you have the dealership do the work for you.

I know there has been improvements in other areas like better brakes, better frame and better wind protection, but those are things that never bothered me on the old KLR, so they didn't make my list.

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