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2012 John Deere Gator XUV550 Clutch Bolt Torque Specification


The John Deere torque specification for the Driver clutch on a 2012 John Deere Gator XUV550 is 5 ft-lbs. I don't know what the torque specification are for the Driven clutch bolt, but I do know it's a metric, M8-1.25 x 150mm Class 10.9 bolt. A Class 10.9 bolt has a maximum torque specification of 27 ft-lbs dry. If you search for torque specifications online one of the first links to appear is from Gator forums where someone posted the torque specification for the clutch bolts is 35 ft-lbs, which is wrong. If you tighten a M8-1.25 Class 10.9 bolt to 35 ft-lbs it can snap and break.


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