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The New Harley Davidson Sportster S
« on: July 13, 2021, 05:16:59 PM »
Harley Davidson just released a new Sportster model called the Sportster S powered by the new water cooled, DOHC, 121hp Revolution Max engine. Quite a departure from the classic air cooled vtwin engine used on Sportster models since the 1980's. This new Sportster S isn't what I predicted would happen to the Sportster line, but Harley Davidson could still update the old Sportster Evolution engine to meet stricter EPA requirements in much the same way they updated the Twin Cam engine with the Milwaukee 8, and still hold on to the Sportster's classic styling and sound..

This new Revolution Max engine looks and sounds nothing like the Sportster Evolution engine. Some will like it and some won't. I'm a little sad to hear the classic Harley Davidson Sportster may get the axe. The new Sportster S model MSRP is $14,999 for vivid black and $15,349 for color. A little pricey in my opinion for a motorcycle marketed to younger riders, but part of Harley's MO.

If Harley Davidson does discontinue the classic Sportster the new Sportster line will compete more with other motorcycle brands in the handling, performance and price categories. The Harley Davidson Sportster hasn't been at the forefront of handling and performance since the late 1960's, so buyers were attracted to this model for styling, looks, heritage and sound. I don't think all those attributes carry over to the new Sporster S model and that could be a problem for Harley Davidson.

Click on image to view this motorcycle on Harley's website:

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