Author Topic: How To Find The Key Code For Many Harley Davidson Softail And Wide Glide Models  (Read 524 times)


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Many Harley Davidson Softail and Wide Glide models in the 1980's and 90's used a round ignition lock with a flip open cover covering the lock key way. Many of these locks used an aftermarket key called HYD12 and were in use from roughly 1984 to 1994. The years these locks were in use is a rough guess. If there is one thing true about motorcycle locksmithing, it's that the information about locks and keys is not as accurate as it is in the automotive field. I've included a close up picture of the HYD12 key blank and the lock to help owners of this lock identify the key. There is also a picture of the lock keyway the key is inserted into.

The key code for these locks was stamped on the underside of the lock on one of the metal tabs (see photo). You have to remove the lock to see the code. The key code is part of a string of characters with the last three characters, which happen to be numbers, being the key code. With the key code you can have a key made to fit the lock.

Both sides of the HYD12 key blank. Notice both sides are identical except for the letters on the key bow or head.

The Harley Davidson HYD12 lock with the cover closed (photo by John Blankenship).

The Harley Davidson HYD12 lock key way (photo by John Blankenship)

Back of the Harley Davidson HYD12 lock showing the key code stamped on the metal tab (photo by John Blankenship)

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