Author Topic: 1971 Kawasaki 250E Enduro Motorcycles Used In The Movie Chrome and Hot Leather  (Read 1450 times)


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Chrome and Hot Leather is a biker movie released in 1974 about four Army Green Beret search for a biker responsible for the death of their friend. The four soldiers take a break from military duty to go undercover and start their own motorcycle club in order to infiltrate the biker community. The great part of about this movie is the 1971 Kawasaki 250E enduro motorcycles purchased by the soldiers to start their motorcycle club, which is kind of weird to say the least. All four soldiers rode the exact same model Kawasaki 250E enduro motorcycles. I believe this motorcycle was nicknamed 'Bison' in Japan. I mentioned this same motorcycle in a post about Rosey Greir in the movie The Think with Two Heads. Here's what I wrote:

This particular model Kawasaki 250 enduro was manufactured in 1971 and 1972, and is a dual sport or dual purpose motorcycle with a single cylinder two stroke engine. This motorcycle is designed to be ridden on and off road. Having a two stroke engine makes this bike unique among modern motorcycles, but it was also unique among two stroke motorcycles of its day. It has a carburetored fuel system like other two strokes, but the carburetor is connected to the crankcase instead of the engine cylinder. The carburetor sits inside the right outer crankcase cover along with the 2 stroke oil injection pump. Fuel enters the crankcase from the right side and is controlled with a rotary valve instead of a piston port or reed valves. This made the right outer crankcase cover stick out farther than other 2 stroke engines, which you can see in the photo below. You can also see where the throttle cable and cable controlling the 2 stroke oil injection pump enter the cover.

Chrome and Hot Leather is an OK biker movie. You could do a lot worse. I don't recognize most actors except for William Smith who plays T.J., the leader of the Wizards MC who's member is responsible for the murder. I've seen William Smith in a couple of biker movies, and I think he was a popular actor in the 1970's for playing villain roles.

The 1971 Kawasaki 250E when the four army soldiers first see it displayed in a Kawasaki dealership window.Side note:  Notice the Hodaka sticker in the window. Hodaka was a motorcycle brand popular in late 1960's and early 70's who specialized in small displacement 2 stroke powered motorcycles. Hodaka went out of business in 1978.

The four army soldiers that go undercover to infiltrate the biker community.

Here's the four soldiers learning how to ride their new 1971 Kawasaki 250E motorcycles.

A picture of the soldiers right before they go to war with the Wizards MC. The fourth soldier is driving an army vehicle loaded with weapons stolen from their army base.

Actor William Smith who plays T.J. in the movie Chrome and Hot Leather

Here you can see the right outer crankcase cover and where the carburetor and oil injection pump cable enters the cover on a 1971 Kawasaki 250E. This photo is from the movie The Thing with Two Heads.

Another photo of the right engine crankcase used on the 1971 Kawasaki 250E.
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