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Affordable Alternative To High Priced Electric Bicycles
« on: November 21, 2020, 11:41:09 PM »
Everybody wants a nice electric bicycle with the best quality features, but you pay a premium price for them, which creates a large group of potential buyers wondering why they're so darn expensive. Part of that group sees electric bicycles as just another bicycle or toy, and the other part sees them as a legit form of transportation using technology similar to a kitchen blender, and why wouldn't they? You have an electric motor, circuitry to control the electric motor and a power source just like a blender. For people in this group kept on the side line by high prices, the electric bicycle industry does have lower cost alternatives to expensive electric bicycles.

Meet Rad Power Bikes. Rad Power Bikes has been making lower cost electric bicycles for years. The company is primarily sells online, but they have started to expand into local communities. They even have vans in some cities used to deliver, assemble and repair their bicycles. The company is popular and growing, so I don't see them disappearing anytime soon. They make several different electric bicycle models for street riding and for all types of people. They provide many accessories and replacement parts for Rad bicycles, so support isn't a problem. You can check out their website here: Rad Power Bikes

Which Rad Power Bikes model do I like the most? I like the RadWagon which has an MSRP of $1699. Its an electric bicycle powered by a 750W geared rear hub motor, and a strong frame built for carrying cargo. It can easily be used for utility purposes like carrying groceries back to your home or commuting. It has smaller but stronger 22 inch wheels that provide a torque advantage for the geared rear hub motor when compared to larger wheel sizes, and the tires are wide to provide some cushion. The frame is extra long and tough for carrying heavy loads and the larger frame size makes it nice for heavier riders. No need to worry about being too heavy for the RadWagon because it has a 350 pound carrying capacity.

Some other nice features about the RadWagon:
  • 750W rear geared hub, which, because it geared, allows the rider to pedal with normal resistance when motor is turned off
  • Rear derailleur and sprockets provide seven gears
  • Comes equipped with a bicycle stand instead of a kick stand.
  • 48v 14Ah lithium battery for a range of 25 to 45 miles.
  • Comes equipped with a headlight and taillight powered by the 48v lithium battery
  • Cable operated dual disk brakes
  • Frame is equipped with built-in attachment points for many different accessories like a front rack
  • Twist grip throttle as well as pedal assist
  • Telescoping seat post
  • Built-in rear rack

UPDATE: I may have spoke too soon by pushing the RadWagon model. I still think it's a good bicycle but it has a big flaw. Since posting this I realized 22 inch wheel size tires and tubes are very difficult to find. Rad Power Bikes does stock and sell them on their website. However, they only offer one brand of tire probably because no other tire manufacturer makes that size tire. You won't find this size tire and tubes at your local bicycle shop, Walmart or Target department stores. My recommendation would be to buy two tires and several tubes when you buy the Radwagon, then go down to your local department store and get a inner tube repair kit. This way you'll be able to repair most tubes that spring a leak and have replacement parts on hand if you need them. Another solution is to buy a used 2019 RadWagon electric bicycle model. The 2019 model used 26 inch wheels, and tires and tubes for that size are very easy to find.

Man, 22 inch wheels for any bicycle is a stupid choice if you can't get parts. If there's one thing I've learned from cycling its tire and tube problems always come up, so being able to get replacement parts is important.

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