Author Topic: 3 Year Cost Comparison For UTI AOS Degree vs. Community College AS Degree  (Read 14 times)


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First, I do think UTI is expensive and who wouldn't want to see them restructure and lower tuition cost, BUT something I didn't consider before when comparing schools is this:

If your considering getting an Associates degree from a community college in Automotive repair it will take a minimum of 2 years to complete. Many times it takes longer than that because your not able to plan all semester course schedules the way you want. It might be because a class isn't offered the semester you need it, or your not aware of all requirements when you first start out. Also continuing/returning college students are given priority when signing up for classes which can leave new students without a class seat.

UTI Avondale campus offers an AOS degree in Automotive repair, and it takes 51 weeks to complete. AOS stands for Associate of Occupational Studies. That's only 1 year of school for an Associate degree, so in a best case scenario, choosing the UTI program instead of community college leaves you with an extra year for working instead of attending classes at a community college. UTI tuition is $38,100 to complete the requirements for an AOS degree at the Avondale, AZ campus. The tuition cost to attend 2 years of community college averages around $8k. If you graduate from UTI and find an entry level job making $15/hr full time, your salary for that year will be around $28,800 before taxes. Federal taxes is around $4320. That number is probably off because there are other fees or taxes taken from your pay check, but I don't know the amount and to keep it simple lets use that number and say you bring in $24,480 for the year after taxes. Subtract that from your UTI tuition cost and your out $13,620 instead of $38,100 for choosing to attend UTI instead of community college.

$13,620 is still more than the $8k, but UTI is fast and hassle free in comparison. Your not wasting time jumping through hoops with things like general education classes, and everything is planned out for you. Classes start at UTI every 3 weeks so your not wasting time waiting around for the next 4 month long semester to start at a community college.

ASE certification requires 2 years of working experience before you can be ASE certified. ASE certification is important in automotive repair and many employers expect to see it. ASE grants one year of experience to UTI graduates and community college graduates in automotive repair even though it takes a community college student more time to complete the program. After 1 year at UTI and 1 year of working experience, the UTI graduate can be ASE certified when a community college student just graduates and lacks any work experience. So for the third year the UTI graduate can be working as a ASE certified technician while the community college graduate is still considered an entry level tech. If you take into account ASE certification along with a higher salary for the 3rd year, the cost difference between attending UTI or a community college over 3 years is even less.

If you play your cards right and things go smoothly, the cost difference between a UTI AOS degree and a community college AS degree is a lot less when you factor in your time and earnings over 3 years.
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