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A Surprising Outcome?
« on: July 07, 2020, 10:55:53 PM »
I commented recently on this website and on a Harley Davidson YouTube video criticizing Harley Davidson for how they treated Russell Abernathy, a 3rd generation Harley Davidson dealer and owner of Abernathy's Cycle in Tennessee. He is also, or was, a Polaris and Honda motorcycle dealer. Abernathy's family has been a Harley Davidson dealership for 3 generations, and the Motor Co. decided to remove him from their dealership network for criticizing Black Lives Matter on his own, personal Facebook page. Corporate, woke persons within Harley Davidson upper management damaged Abernathy's business and family for simply expressing an opinion on Facebook. But this shouldn't surprise anyone. We now live in a society that if you dare to express an opinion that isn't popular with corporate elites, than your punished for it. Not only did Harley Davidson punish Abernathy, but so did Polaris. Polaris also removed him from their dealership network. Two American companies attacking their own (a dealer), but get this, the last time I checked Honda Motor Co condemned his Facebook comment, but hasn't removed him from the Honda dealer network. Won't that be something if the one company that does the right thing ends up being Japanese owned Honda Motor Co. Whether you agree with Abernathy's Facebook comment or not, he has a right to his own opinions, and these motorcycle manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to cancel him or his business because of a Facebook post where Abernathy expressed his frustration with Black Lives Matter. There is a lot wrong with Black Lives Matter, and that should be taken into consideration when passing judgement on Abernathy.

If it comes down to choosing between a woke American corporation that supports cancel culture and Marxists organizations like Black Lives Matter, or a foreign Japanese corporation like Honda Motor Co that treats Abernathy fairly, then my money will go to Honda.

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