Author Topic: Is Harley Davidson Motor Co. Racist?  (Read 16 times)


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Is Harley Davidson Motor Co. Racist?
« on: June 27, 2020, 06:24:41 PM »
Russell Abernathy, a Harley Davidson and Polaris dealer and owner of Abernathy's Cycle posted on his personal Facebook page a comment about Black Lives Matter protestors and how they should leave the country if they are unhappy. In response, both Harley Davidson and Polaris punished Russell Abernathy by removing him from their dealership networks, which means he is not longer a Harley Davidson or Polaris dealership. They destroyed his business!

In America we have freedom of speech, but we also live in a culture where corporations and tech giants will sensor you, even coming after you and destroying your life for simply something you said. Harley Davidson and Polaris destroyed Russell Abernathy's business and source of income, and it will reach out and damage the lives of innocent people associated with Abernathy like the many employee's who work at his dealership, and all this for something Abernathy said in a stupid Facebook post. Harley Davidson Motor Co and Polaris should be ashamed!

Maybe Harley Davidson should take the standards used to judge and punish Russell Abernathy and look at their own deeds. In 1977 Harley Davidson manufactured the Confederate motorcycle. A motorcycle that celebrated the confederacy and came complete with confederate flag stickers on the gas tank. Maybe Harley Davidson is racist, maybe Harley Davidson should be punished and made to apology and bend a knee to Black Lives Matter? What say you Harley Davidson Motor Co?

I will never again defend Harley Davidson motorcycles, or recommend another Harley Davidson or Polaris vehicle to a potential buyer as long as Harley Davidson and Polaris are part of the evil cancel culture.

1977 Harley Davidson confederate themed motorcycle. Yes, Harley Davidson Motor Co celebrated the confederacy in 1977.
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