Author Topic: Lt. Col. Allen West Was In A Motorcycle Accident  (Read 187 times)


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Lt. Col. Allen West Was In A Motorcycle Accident
« on: May 24, 2020, 05:46:01 PM »
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Former Lt. Col. Allen West was in a motorcycle accident last Saturday. He is OK and recovering. The accident occurred while West was riding in the Free Texas Rally. Allen West is running for State Republican Party Chair.

I can't find any photographs of the accident or information about the motorcycle he was riding when the accident happened, but I did find a photo of Allen West riding a Honda VTX1800 and this might be the bike. West's motorcycle is a Honda VTX1800R and I'm guessing its a 2003 model. Honda made a VTX1300 and VTX1800 from 2001 to 2009, and both bikes are very similar. I'm still trying to narrow down the exact year and I will update this post if anything changes. The VTX1800 was actually the largest v-twin motorcycle made until Kawasaki produced the 2004 Vulcan 2000 beast.

Its odd to see a famous politician like Allen West riding a Japanese motorcycle covered in patriotic paint or wrap to ride in motorcycle rally's. Why use a Japanese motorcycle if your intention is to communicate a patriotic message? It would be more patriotic to scrap the paint/wrap and ride an American made motorcycle in my opinion, even if this Honda was assembled in Ohio.

Allen West riding a Honda VTX1800R. You know this is the 1800 model and not the 1300 because it has dual front disc brakes and a hydraulic clutch. The clutch resevoir is visible in the photo.

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