Author Topic: Good Website For Free VIN Lookup For Cars And Trucks  (Read 736 times)


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Good Website For Free VIN Lookup For Cars And Trucks
« on: January 07, 2020, 05:51:39 PM »
Vehicle History is a pretty good website to help research a used car or truck, and it's free. It gives the mileage when the vehicle was serviced, which helps determine if the odometer was ever changed, and it helps document a well maintained car or truck. Only problem is it doesn't show what was done during the service. It will also show if the car or truck doesn't have a clear title. You can pay for the same thing from CarFax, and the CarFax report is easier to read and has more detail, but it's not free. You can't beat for quick access to important vehicle information when shopping for a vehicle. I had trouble finding a free VIN service for the most basic information. The internet is full of so many scams. I call them scams because websites advertise a free service, but they're real intention is to lead visitor's to purchase something. Vehicle History isn't like that. Here's the link:

Vehicle History

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