Author Topic: Is the Rokon Trailbreaker worth the cost?  (Read 2946 times)


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Is the Rokon Trailbreaker worth the cost?
« on: July 06, 2013, 10:25:49 PM »
Rokon sales the new Trailbreaker for $7,175. I noticed the engine used with the Trailbreaker is the Kohler Command Pro CH270, which retails for $295. Knowing the cost of the engine I couldn't understand how Rokon ends up with a bike costing over $7K, so I went to the Rokon website and downloaded their parts list to see the cost of major components found on the Rokon Trailbreaker. Here is what I found.

Frame - Retail($855) - Cost($428)
Autograb Ft Suspension - Retail($500) - Cost($250)
Transmission - Retail ($1275) - Cost($638)
Miterbox - Retail ($350) - Cost ($175)
Driveshaft - Retail ($35) - Cost ($18)
2 Aluminum 12" Wheels - Retail ($900) - Cost ($450)
2 Tires - Retail ($190) - Cost ($95)
Rear & Front Seat - Retail ($220) - Cost ($110)
Torque Converter - Retial ($225) - Cost ($113)

The total retail price of these parts minus the engine is $4550, and the cost to Rokon is $2277 if you assume a 100% markup. Lets say for the smaller items not listed cost Rokon another $2000, which means the total cost in parts for Rokon is $4277, and $4572 if you include the retail cost of the engine. $7175 minus the cost in parts leaves Rokon with $2603 to pay all the other costs including someone to assemble the machine.

My numbers are probably way off, but the Rokon seems expensive when you compare the bike to other new motorcycles on the market.
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