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Walmart's New Super Tech Line Of Motorcycle Motor Oil
« on: September 26, 2019, 11:27:27 PM »
Walmart came out with several different motor oils formulated for motorcycles, ATV and UTV vehicles in their Super Tech line. I believe this happened sometime in the last year. There is a 10W40 4-Stroke full synthetic oil and a 20W50 full synthetic oil advertised for motorcycles, and a 10W30 full synthetic for ATV's and side by side vehicles. My local Walmart was out of the motorcycle 20W50 oil, but they did have the 10W40 in stock. See photo's of front and back oil container labels below. The oil was priced at $8.68 per quart. I was surprised to see that 1 quart of Valvoline 20W50 full synthetic oil was almost one dollar cheaper than the 10W40 Super Tech brand.

I wonder if any new Harley Davidson owners would dare trust their engine to Walmart's Super Tech full synthetic 20W50 v-twin motor oil? I doubt it...I'm starting to think if there is more engine wear from using one brand of oil over another its so insignificant that nobody will ever notice. Plus, if insurance stats are correct, most motorcycle owners will never put 30,000 miles on their motorcycle, so why spend the extra dollars for the big brand oils? However, I will never use an oil that isn't certified by API and JASO and meets the standards recommended by the engine manufacturer, except for Harley Davidson oil, which doesn't have the API and JASO ratings, but I know Harley Davidson is not going to sell a terrible motor oil for their motorcycles.

I think I will use the Walmart Super Tech full synthetic 10W40 motorcycle motor oil in my next oil change on the Kawasaki KLR 650. Maybe it would be interesting to record the oil change and post it on YouTube.    :D

Click on image to enlarge:

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