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BMW Likes Push Rod Technology - 1976 Ad
« on: April 26, 2019, 06:32:12 PM »
One complaint I always read online regarding Harley Davidson's v-twin engine is it's use of push rod technology. This technology  is considered old and out dated by some people. Not everyone feels this way and there are advantages with push rod technology believe it or not. Knowing this is a big gripe with Harley Davidson haters made finding this ad by BMW entertaining. Every motorcycle manufacturer in America and Europe during the 1970's was feeling the pressure placed on them by competing Japanese motorcycles. BMW is known for building high tech, reliable and superior motorcycles, and even they were feeling the competition. In 1976 BMW ran an ad advertising the advantages of push rod technology used in the famous boxer engine. This is the same engine that gave BMW motorcycles their reputation for reliability. In 1976 BMW was considered by many to have the top touring motorcycle powered by a boxer engine using push rod technology. The BMW boxer engine is a horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine known for its low vibration operation, low center of gravity and smooth power output. In 1975 Honda released the GL1000, which used the same engine configuration but with two extra cylinders and single overhead cams. The GL1000 engine did not use push rod technology. As we all know today the GL1000 was the first generation Gold Wing model. Later generation's came to dominate the motorcycle touring market over the years. I wonder if BMW was feeling the heat from Honda's GL1000 when they approved this ad?

This is a multi-page ad and it is not cropped perfectly, which I have no control over, but it is still readable. Click on the picture for a bigger version.

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