Author Topic: Finding Key Codes on Japanese Motorcycles  (Read 2708 times)


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Finding Key Codes on Japanese Motorcycles
« on: June 02, 2015, 05:27:39 PM »
Here is an email I received asking about a key code for a 1982 Honda motorcycle.

Saw your you tube video about Japanese ignition locks really interesting My 1982 Honda has an identical lock set Question: where is the key code located on these lock sets? I need a new key so pulled the lock but can\'t find a code?! Thanks!

Here is my reply:

I might be able to tell you exactly where the key code is if I knew the model. The key code can be stamped on any of the locks, and it is usually hidden. Check the back of the gas tank lock (if you have one). Also check the back of the seat/helmet lock. Sometimes the code is stamped on the lock cylinder and requires picking the lock open and disassembly to get to it.
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