Author Topic: Sylvania Headlight & Bulb Replacement Application Guide  (Read 5203 times)


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Sylvania Headlight & Bulb Replacement Application Guide
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:28:12 PM »
Here's the link to the online Sylvania automotive and motorcycle application guide for the headlight and other bulbs found on your motorcycle.

Sylvania Headlight & Bulb Application Guide

Recently I replaced the low beam halogen headlight on my motorcycle with Sylvania's top of line Silverstar Ultra halogen bulb. I can't remember how long the bulb lasted, but it was less time than the stock bulb, so this time I replaced the low beam bulb with Sylvania's cheapest and least bright bulb, the standard version. When you purchase a new halogen headlight bulb for your motorcycle, the more expensive and brighter bulbs have the shortest life. The brighter the bulb the shorter the bulbs life. So if you buy the least bright bulb you pay less money and the bulb has the longest life. Its a good idea to replace the low beam bulb with the least bright and cheapest bulb, since the low beam bulb is on whenever you ride and it has the longest life, and replace your high beam bulb with the brightest and most expensive bulb, since you only use high beams when you need the best visibility, and it isn't required to be on unless you choose to turn it on.

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