Author Topic: Older Harley Davidson SYN3 20W50 Motorcycle Oil Container Labels  (Read 420 times)


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Older Harley Davidson SYN3 20W50 Motorcycle Oil Container Labels
« on: February 05, 2019, 01:12:38 AM »
Here is the front and back label on a Harley Davidson SYN3 20W50 motorcycle oil container. This is the older version of the SYN3 oil, which I don't think Harley Davidson sells anymore. The label on the back says 2009. Notice it says Synthetic Motorcycle Lubricant and not Full Synthetic. That's because it is a 60/40 blend, which means it contains 60% synthetic and 40% petroleum oils. This type of advertising is a little misleading, but not illegal. The current version of SYN3 oil says Full Synthetic on the container, which I believe is 100% synthetic. The SYN in SYN3 stands for synthetic and the number 3 means the oil can be used in 3 areas on the motorcycle, which are: engine, crankcase and transmission. Also, notice on the front label in the upper corners it says TESTED and CERTIFIED. The testing and certification is done in-house and SYN3 does not have any professional ratings like API or JASO. I know its very expensive to have oil tested and receive a professional rating, but Harley Davidson chose not to do it. If there is another reason besides cost, I don't know what it is. I do know Honda oil has a professional rating, so Harley's competition is doing it. The part number for SYN3 is 99824-03.

Click on either image to enlarge it.
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