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Price Of The New Harley Davidson Electric Livewire Motorcycle
« on: January 08, 2019, 06:23:38 PM »
The 2019 Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle retail price is $29,779. The Zero DS electric motorcycle with the ZF14.4 + Power Tank is priced at $16,890. The full specifications for the Livewire have not been released yet and the bike won't be available until fall of 2019. Harley Davidson says the Livewire has a range of 110 miles and the Zero DS equipped with the ZF14.4 +Power Tank has a range of 132 miles.  I believe both the Zero DS and Harley Davidson Livewire are made in USA. Which would you choose just knowing the range and price?

The choice for me is obvious. I would choose the Zero DS any day of the week simply because its half the price and the $15,000 in savings can be used for upgrades to make the motorcycle even better.. I don't know what Harley Davidson was thinking manufacturing an electric motorcycle for that amount of money. Maybe HD wants to be the Tesla of electric motorcycles, but in order to do that you must make a really good motorcycle that stands out from all the others, and so far the Limewire has less range than the Zero DS. Maybe it excels in other performance areas, but that remains to be seen. It does look great!

An interesting price comparison is the Chevrolet Volt electric car has a base price of $33,220 and the Nissan Leaf electric car base price is $29,990. The US government will issue tax rebates for electric automobiles, so the true price of those cars is really closer to $7k less, but I don't think you get the tax rebates for electric motorcycles or bicycles. The price for the Harley Davidson Livewire is really closer to $31,500 after dealer fees and taxes are added on. General Motors just announced they are discontinuing manufacturing the Chevrolet Volt electric car, so that could be a bad market indicator for electric vehicles.

I suspect the Harley Davidson Livewire motorcycle will be a complete sales flop, but I'm not convinced Harley Davidson doesn't already know this. Could the Livewire be an attempt to change HD's low tech image? Simply having the electric Livewire motorcycle in their lineup might help with that. I would rather see Harley Davidson build a super fast, USA made, motorcycle and go win the Isle of Man TT and change their image that way.

2019 Harley Davidson Livewire motorcycle

2019 Zero DS motorcycle

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