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Barnett Space Shield Ad - 1955
« on: December 16, 2018, 03:04:03 AM »
This is the oldest motorcycle goggle ad I've ever seen. Not that I know a lot about goggle ads, but its from 1955 and that's pretty old. Notice it says you get a dozen space shields per box, and it looks like the ad was meant for motorcycle dealerships who had to buy one dozen at a time. The retail price of each goggle or space shield was 96 cents. That seems real cheap compared to today's prices. Can you even buy a candy bar today for less than a buck? It would be priceless to see someone go back in time to 1955 and tell the average person that  today people spend more than a buck for a bottle of water.

Gas prices in 1955 averaged 29 cents per gallon. The average wage per hour was around $1.71. The nationwide minimum wage today is $7.25 per hour. The national average gas price today for regular unleaded is $2.38 per gallon. After doing a quick search online the cheapest goggles I found were $16.20. By comparing wages and the cost of goggles today and back in 1955, it seems like money went farther for most people back than? Even with the lower salary of $1.71 per hour, it looks like people had an easier life.

What I don't understand about our economy are most goggles sold today are made in China to keep prices down. I'm pretty sure the Barnett Space Shield goggles were made in USA and were priced far less than the hourly wage for most people. Today I would need to work 3 hours at minimum wage to afford the cheapest goggles. Back than I would only need to work 1 hour. It seems to me corporations are making more money today and paying workers less. That would agree with recent news reports that say top executive salaries reach record levels while worker salaries have been stagnate or dropping for decades.

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